Having spent her childhood growing up in Scotland, Allyson has fond memories of her antiques-dealer grandmother and traveling throughout the British Isles and Europe shopping with her parents.  These early experiences were influential in forming her interests, and she later received an MA in 17th & 18th Century Decorative Arts from The Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London in 1990.  Allyson then returned home to begin her career with Memphis-based firm Warner Moore Interior Design.


During Allyson’s twenty-seven years of practice in the field of interior design, she has had the pleasure of working for notable commercial architecture, hospitality and high-end residential firms, such as JMGR, Architecture, Inc., HILTON Worldwide, Lee Pruitt Interior Design and Houston based Ann Wolf Interior Decoration. She has completed numerous commercial and residential projects around the country, and her work has been featured in Southern Living and Mid-South Magazine and At Home Tennessee.


In 2015, she launched Allyson James Design while living in Nashville attending O’More College of Design and now provides her clientele with comprehensive commercial and residential design services. Allyson’s combined sensibility for comfort and passion for antiquities help her curate intimate spaces of “Livable Luxury.”